Thursday, November 5, 2015

Diary- 5th Nov 2015

The way I am moving ahead, I am sure I will not survive longer.
I will have to find a way to keep myself supper motivated. 

How do I do that? 

I need to accept this fact that for the path I have chosen, patience and motivation, both have to be self-driven.

In this profile attention to detail is of super importance. So make up your mind for that.

Being quick and accurate, both skills are required. For that train your mind. 

The feeling of saturation has to go. Empty the clutter in your mind to allow the knowledge in.

Remember, ego and self-respect both needs to be taken care. Be strategic in creating your career path.

And most important, Laugh aloud and keep your calm!
Happiness is a state of mind. Do not allow any tom dick and harry to take control over your mind and feelings. Be your master. 

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Turning Point

Dearest lord,

Yet to digest this worldly pleasure,

The gift you gave cannot be measured,

I craved to break this vicious circle,

Am out today and feel much better.


Thank you!!!


You made me free,

I visualize growing soul’s tree,

Happiness locus, see a shift,

Now it’s you, I am loving this lift!!!




Note: On the occasion of passing CS Executive exams. Getting a direction to my career was a very good news for me. All this while and by this point, I had developed a very strong connection with my Lord, which is a great blessing for me.:)






Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fear and Faith

Tears welling without any reason,
Why, I probe with suspicion.
Open up my soul, release the knot.
Today I am free from many emotions,
Tough horrible erosions.

I am proud to be me,
For what I am, I am glee.
Whatever triggers these tears,
Its trivial, let go of yours fear.

Nothing matters so much as inherent joy in you,
Let it soar high,
Life, by nature, is bright.
Let loose the mysterious knot.
Say it loud “I am free joyous incarnation.”
Created in the light of faith, love and exhilaration.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Be my instrument

Tossing between the feelings of happiness and emptiness again,
Mysterious universe unwinding the world of anxiousness and joy terrain.
‘You’ said spread joy in and out.
Thousand miles and more I got to cross,
To be your instrument, my Lord!
I do not even know what it takes,
You said, "I am there.”
Flow in this body of mine,
For this body is thy shrine.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

kuch sukhe patte

कुछ सूखे पत्ते

कुछ सूखे पत्ते,
जीवन में ऐसे है बिखरे, बजते ही रहते,
कुछ कहते ही रहते  
यादों का साया बिखेरते ही रहते
खुशियों के पलों को सुखाते ये पत्ते
दर्द के समां सजाते ये पत्ते  
बीते लम्हे सूखे पत्तों के रस्ते
जीवन में घर बनाये ही रहते
khud mein बहते जीवन को पहचानो
ईश्वर की कृपा को मनो

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Present is a present!!!

Hey what is making you cling to your past!!! Move out of it. There are new set of entertainment packages lying around and waiting for you! Don’t miss it guys, don’t miss your present cherishing moments!!!

We know, but forget life’s essence,

Ofcourse, the lesson escapes mind often,

But, set a reminder to be in the present habitually,

Life is a great experience,

Don’t count only the hard one’s,

Pain & Joy make good partners,

They enrich life layer by layer,

Embrace all the phase,

Enjoy your race,

Life has a span,

Love all, whom you come around,

You will surely find that trigger,

Who would make your life better,

Feel the sun every day,

Live the fun all your way,

We all are interconnected,
Our happiness & success interrelated,

Create wonderful moments,

By embracing your present.

Present is a real present from the Lord! Don’t leave it closed and miss the fun. Live & help others towards this enrichment.

Tough to Tougher

                                                                                                                   20th Feb 2014

Life is tough,

Everyday turning tougher.

‘Should I to quit?’, this thought quite often bubbles.

But I am a sports girl,

My existence utters.

I was strong and bold,

But tough times took the toll.

When I look back I can’t deny,

My character turned from strong to stronger.

Agree, but which way am I going?

Unconsciously I am riding.

I feel miserable to have lost the control,

Now, I will take the hold and play a better role.