Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Love, Money & Power- A Trance!!!

We all live in some or the other kind of dream, be it a dream to earn more money, gain power, settle with the love of one’s life, living with the pride of fame, pursuit of truth and lots more…

Either the fulfillment or a slap on the face replaces one dream with the other :) .
But we still dare to dream.

What happens when one stops indulging in some or the other kind of trance?
It’s not a very good feeling though to be without any desires unless one knows how to handle it.
Not everyone can digest such an attitude toward life and life seems to be a crazy and wretched.

Are aspirations essential in life?

Life is quite simple but jingoistic attachment with success leading to intolerance to failure may manifest undesirable complications. Failures are necessary part of life. They initiate the self interrogation process triggering the connection with self, awareness of passion, alignment with the reality, action plan and fulfillment
of desires.

Hence, aspire and move on. Success or failure is not the dead end. There’s lot more to explore in this vast universe. This cosmos is full of illusions and mystic truths.

So, happy dreaming!!!!!


  1. Very interesting questions and thoughts. Reflecting on the purposelessness with which most of the world uses its resources can make one wonder what the use of it is. It does not mean that all material pursuit is bad. What we do with our resources, whatever it is, is what is important.

  2. Thanks Subhorup:) i m glad to meet someone with whom my thoughts r aligned.:)

  3. Hi Rekha,

    Beautiful post.
    The pics go along so very well.
    Quite inspirational thoughts.
    Loved every line of it.

    Aakash Kokz

  4. Thanks Aakash for the wonderful comments:)

  5. Beautiful and thoughtful post :)

    BTW, thanks for visiting my blog!

    Kiran @ KiranTarun.com