Friday, July 16, 2010

Mind-Playground of thoughts

Mind’s a prominent stadium,
Thoughts play about in it’s realm.
Unconsciously played games are numerous,
Love, infatuation, jealousy, heartburns.

Mind's a powerful weapon,
apply judiously for betterment,
a single ill thought,
potentially can ruin your world apart,
while a good one can lift,
your life will be a beautiful gift.


Laziness is very attractive,
How to get rid of it?
Every day I sleep resolving to get up early,
But my pillow pulls me back irresistibly.

I sleep in peace lustily,
But time ticks on irrevocably.
Oh!! Laziness makes life complicated,
Want to release myself from its effect.

I wish, from my daily chore I could erase,
Slap indolence on its face.
And proudly stand upright,
Teasing lethargy and bidding it goodbye.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Flowers r love letters 4m God!!

Flowers smiles at one and all,
Revealing Lord’s bliss tall.
It beautifully expresses nature’s grandeur,
Filling breath with fragrant love.

Tenderness overflows,
Spreading freshness galore.

It’s Natures beauty icon,
Flowers are God’s direct expression.
I know it lures but avoid picking,
Let others too savor the sight of beauty queens.

Handle with care,
It’s a shared gift, so take care.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

I love u….

U may never know,
How much I care.
U may never realize,
The way I feel.

I don’t want to express,
For I know it is best,
To leave few things unsaid.
I only wish u be happy,
My good wishes protect u from all vices.

All I grieve is, “y it happens to me,
The secret within never set free,
Few get closer to heart,
Y should I be the victim at last.”

I never allowed u to open the trust door,
But u barged in without my consent.
U may be playing,
But I am quite sure,
I love u in spite of all uproar.

And when I am gone from your life,
And u from mine,
I would add u in my sweet memory lane,
And recall u sometime in dusk.

P.S: Love is like a divine fragrance. It intoxicates.
Pure love never hurts and if it does your feelings are not pure.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Mahi way!!

A cute fat girl,
Waiting for her true love,
Victim of self-built-imaginations,
Craziness dawns on seeing any handsome.
Nurturing great fantasies, tall expectations,
Mahi adds on to her senti-problems.

Oops, but she is fat!!
This bothers her day & night.
“Will her dream guy marry her ever?”
Engrosses her every thought process.
Her friends love this cutie deep,
At least she has some space to breath.

Wow!!who is he !!!
so crazy about Mahi .
He is good looking, settled in life,
Waiting for Mahi to be his bride.
Does Mahi know about him,
will she accept this union????

Missing u…..

I am tired today,
I am bored,
There is nothing to which I am lured .

O Ma!
Just want to rest in your cozy arms,
& loose myself in unconscious sublime.
Want to feel your presence around,
& feel secure of any uneasy ground.
The cry within is quiet loud,
Can you hear the discord?

I love you and miss you,
& badly need a hug from you.

(8th July 2010)

Nature’s Glory

Nature intoxicates ,
Wine’s effect too fades,
When it’s effect really plays,
The clouds relay,
Reflection of God’s abode,
Rejuvenating the soul,
Enthralling the core.

The whispers of the air,
Voice the magnificent Nature’s galore,
I wonder if I could fly,
With the clouds I could vie,
As high as waves I could jump,
Playing with moon’s effect have fun,
& wish to reach the moon through rays of the sun.

(5th july 2010)


I have a dream,
Dream to be the highest version of my vision,
I know that I have what it takes to be,
I understand what it means to be.
Dearest Lord,
Give me the strength and will,
To savor the divine bliss,
To walk that extra mile,
To experience my desired life.
O! How should I tell u,
I am craving hard within
To tread the direction,
That would lead to ultimate satisfaction.
My life‘s your instrument,
Thou are my dearest ambition,
I wish I could merge in you,
As soon as I could.