Saturday, July 10, 2010

I love u….

U may never know,
How much I care.
U may never realize,
The way I feel.

I don’t want to express,
For I know it is best,
To leave few things unsaid.
I only wish u be happy,
My good wishes protect u from all vices.

All I grieve is, “y it happens to me,
The secret within never set free,
Few get closer to heart,
Y should I be the victim at last.”

I never allowed u to open the trust door,
But u barged in without my consent.
U may be playing,
But I am quite sure,
I love u in spite of all uproar.

And when I am gone from your life,
And u from mine,
I would add u in my sweet memory lane,
And recall u sometime in dusk.

P.S: Love is like a divine fragrance. It intoxicates.
Pure love never hurts and if it does your feelings are not pure.

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