Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Shake hands with time….

 Life is a frenetic race,
 Time moves on its irrevocable pace.
 The world is saturating with pretence,
 Harder it’s becoming to find soul-friends.
 People learn to fight,
 To live and survive.
 No one’s wrong.
 Everyone’s free to tune his life’s song.

Moving on is everyone’s need,
Difficult it is to maintain peace.
Midst these ups and lows,
Savouring satisfaction and blows,
A soul friend if you meet,
Put efforts to live fully.
Never you know, what’s the next plan,
Everything in your life has a span.

Someone closer than the shadow,
May vanish with times guideline.
Many more will come,
Some pain some fun.    
Variety, life demands.
Boredom otherwise overrule man.
Shake hands with time,      
Move on, on a journey divine.


  1. brilliant piece !
    keep doing :)
    i really enjoyed and struggled a bit to understand :P

  2. Beautifully written. :) Very thoughtful and heartfelt. You summarized life so brilliantly.

  3. U portrayed Life in Poetic Words.Luv this Fabulous play of words. Yummy!

    1. thanks :) your words screams your hobby:)