Friday, September 16, 2011

Who was at Fault!!!

The world is buzzing around,

With work load full-on,

And, I am floating in the flashback,

Feeling the heaviness of nostalgic heart,

With this book in hand,

I could relate things back in time,

Through “Those small lil things in life and love”,

I peeped in my childhood world,

Love was unknown feeling then,

Life was wonderful with a lil fren,

Life was intoxicated with happiness,

Saturated with fun and madness,

I miss you dear,

For I never found someone so near,

Those crazy talks,

Inexplicable endless laughs,

Classroom’s fun,

Those fights and recess runs,

But, today I realize feelings have slipped,

In unknown darkness it has tripped,

We have lost each other,

Who was at fault!! I still wonder.


  1. Deep thoughts, beautifully jotted down ..

  2. When feelings die, the relationship dies too. Well written.

  3. @cybernag: u r rite!! sometimes distance too work a lot
    kill a relationship.

  4. Very deep. Somehow I remembered an old friend of mine, we were inseparable, and soon, I fell in love with her. That caused tension, and culminated in the relationship getting severed. Anyway, you've had a beautiful way of putting your thoughts forward, I've never read a post which has gone along your lines and spoken about relationships ending and asking whose fault caused it to end. Kudos, hats off to you :)

    If you can spare a few minutes, please do check out a post of mine, leave a feedback, and maybe a vote too. It'd mean a lot to me :)

  5. @ thestorytellerslostpages: thanks 4 ur wonderful comments. feel good when somebody connects with my feelings...

  6. beautifully written, what you have written is a part of everyone's soul ....