Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Craving to be…


Beautiful was my world,

When I opened my eyes,

Wonderful was my childhood,

For I was pretty bright,

There was no dream,

For I lived fully .

As I grew,

I became confused,

What to do,

What not to do.

Decisions not taken in time,

Shadowed my career plans,

Where I am today, I don’t want to be,

Dark clouds and clouds wherever I see.

Waiting for the season to change,

Craving for heavy rains,

Don’t regret for what I lost,

Humbly respect what I got,

Just want to live my vision,

Using all the life’s lessons.


  1. Wow! Beautiful words, heart touching.
    You're right about not regretting for what we don't have. One should always keep moving.