Thursday, February 20, 2014

Present is a present!!!

Hey what is making you cling to your past!!! Move out of it. There are new set of entertainment packages lying around and waiting for you! Don’t miss it guys, don’t miss your present cherishing moments!!!

We know, but forget life’s essence,

Ofcourse, the lesson escapes mind often,

But, set a reminder to be in the present habitually,

Life is a great experience,

Don’t count only the hard one’s,

Pain & Joy make good partners,

They enrich life layer by layer,

Embrace all the phase,

Enjoy your race,

Life has a span,

Love all, whom you come around,

You will surely find that trigger,

Who would make your life better,

Feel the sun every day,

Live the fun all your way,

We all are interconnected,
Our happiness & success interrelated,

Create wonderful moments,

By embracing your present.

Present is a real present from the Lord! Don’t leave it closed and miss the fun. Live & help others towards this enrichment.

Tough to Tougher

                                                                                                                   20th Feb 2014

Life is tough,

Everyday turning tougher.

‘Should I to quit?’, this thought quite often bubbles.

But I am a sports girl,

My existence utters.

I was strong and bold,

But tough times took the toll.

When I look back I can’t deny,

My character turned from strong to stronger.

Agree, but which way am I going?

Unconsciously I am riding.

I feel miserable to have lost the control,

Now, I will take the hold and play a better role.