Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Anger kills!

Oh anger thrills,

Mind gets grilled!

Something within want to gush out,

Head and hands feel the force clout.

Something rushes in the head,

Fist twists full fledge.

‘Hit’, says mind,

‘Kick and wind’.

Oh anger! Kills!

Release and take forgiveness pills.

Blood boils and head reel,

Oh! Don’t suffer, discharge the heat.

Control anger,

Before you burn like an ember,

Fume and turn into ashes.

Plagued with anger, don’t lose your head,

Be wise and rise.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Soak no more pain, go win the game

Scene in Heaven:

God conversing with the Soul:
I had faith, you would come to heaven
exclaiming ‘Game Life, Yes I won’
Soul said “I tried doing justice to the run,
More powerful than me had the winning gun”.

God said with a sad grin:
O child! The trigger was always within.
You sprinted loosing the insight,
I tried reminding you of your plight,
Busy you were with the pain, & missed bliss terrain.

Soul regretted with a sigh:
” Oh why I did not look inside!
Always lived with that void!
I wasted a life time,
Searching for something that was always mine.”

“Busy I was with pain,
Toiled hard for more of it to rain,
What a fool I was!
What was my gain!
Am I fulfilled after leaving earthly regime?”

God said, go back & come fulfilled,
Soak no more pain, go win Life’s game.

I woke up still dreaming!

I looked at the time. The clock just then ticked five. The words echoed & resonated louder and harder “Soak no more pain, go win Life’s game”. More words were building on it. It was clearly audible as if someone was talking to me. But everyone around was deep in slumber. The words seemed to be heavily loaded with wisdom. I decided to close my eyes and listen further.


Survival of the fittest is the game,
Live & all the more live, whatever the situations frame,
Flexibility & robustness of character is the winning edge,
‘I will live a fulfilled life’ each one of you should pledge.

Elude the trap that leads to virtual death,
Let the soul survive in its full breadth,
Leave the comfort zone of pain,
Stop getting used to living in vain.

Your past may be a catch,
Your present may be entrap,
Be strong not to ruin what is left,
Rise and walk with happiness abreast.

Dive in inner happiness,                                                                                 
Feel the freshness.
Get goose bumps of craziness,
Shake the foundation of weariness.

Bliss is inbuilt,
Get connected & feel it.
Pain is Universal,
Let go, it’s natural.

Many roads still are undiscovered,
More chapters are to be covered,
Move on, don’t get stuck.
Seasons change, on the next stop meet good-luck.

Divine love is always around,
With Pain and Joy do not get bound,
Feel convinced of Lord’s perfect plan.
Positivity matters, O powerful Man!
Soak no more pain, live &win the game.


My head was reeling. I got up and had a hot cup of tea with words still buzzing loud “Soak no more pain, live & win the game”…..

P.S.: This post is a work created for the Soak No More Contest by SurfExcelMatic on IndiBlogger.in

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Happiness locus

I searched and searched,

With great desperation to my lord I urged,

"What am I supposed to do here,

Exam of Life how to clear"?

Happiness is the goal I learnt,

But ‘How’ is the question.

Help others and shower happiness,

All I thought was the run.

Tried, but failed.

Slowly the helping nature too derailed.

Then I learnt happiness locus is within,

Finding it outside is a whim.

Live a fulfilled life you want,

Then help with complete devout.

Life will be a beautiful raga,

Fulfilled and satisfied saga.

Monday, July 16, 2012

इंतज़ार है .....

खोयी हूँ कहीं,
किसी के इंतज़ार में,
मन विचलित है, धड़कन मद्धम है,

कोई तस्वीर धुंदली  सी आखों में है,
तड़प है उससे मिलने की,
उसके बाँहों में खो जाने की,

उसमे समां जाने की,
उन बाँहों के विश्वास की,
उन साँसों के आवाज़ की,

उन धडकनों के एहसास की,
दुनिया से दूर, सुकून के दो पल बिताने की,
इंतज़ार है उन आखों से बरसते प्यार की,

इंतज़ार है .....

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Banged my head hard for a lesson for life!!!


Hello readers!

I just hit love pole and banged my head hard!!! Well, the story was a big flop show. But got a lesson for life! Love is an art! A balance of beauty and spirituality!

Beauty of personality (effect of heart) and head of spirituality! Once the imbalance forces its way, love life starts to totter.

Love is an innocent feeling which should be dealt with mature moves.

If head and heart doesn’t work in Unison, you have good chance to dive in the pool of pain leading to some abnormal sting of heart ache.

When you are in love you should be ready for the uncertainty ahead. Understanding each other’s need depending on the each other’s upbringing is a task.

Craziness dawns on you and life seems out of control. But control your feelings for love is a need of life like earning livelihood is, like need to be connected to yourself and lord is, like being your true-self is, like having pride in who you are is and etc. You should feel comfortable when you are in relationship. Pretending and throwing yourself completely at the service of other partner does not work. There is not only one need but many needs we human have. There is no ‘or’ but ‘and’ when it comes to needs. So, love moves have to be mature considering all ‘and’ needs of both the partners.

Of course, we should not think of all this while falling in love with someone but one should be clear and make it clear to the partner of the fair needs of each other and maintain a good balance between the relating hearts and heads to put the foundation of a new beginning.

Good luck and Take care!

With love,
Your well wisher.

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Kaun hun main....

                                                   कौन हूं मैं ............

जो मैं हूँ, वो मैं नहीं,
छवि मेरी कौन सी सही ,
कोई और मेरे अन्दर बस्ता है ,
जो दुनिया को नहीं दिखता है ,
कौन हूँ मैं , खुद से ही कभी पूछती   हूँ ,
क्यूकी जो मैं हूँ वो मैं  नहीं .

Thursday, May 3, 2012

I am best when I am me.

When I turned you,
The world, myself and even you said no,
You looked admirable,
Imitating you I turned miserable,
Then I learnt to be myself,
World honored me as a pearl,
You too looked up to me,
and soul confirmed with glee,

I am best when I am me.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

A little effort to be happy…

The quest was aging,
Impatience was raging,
What’s my life’s purpose?
A question, every bit of me was posing.
Nothing interested,
Enthusiasm faded,
Searched several books but answer still eluded,
And then an angel appeared,
Revealed a truth so simple,
Bewildered I felt the healt's twinkle.
‘So uncomplicated!’, within felt the din,
Soul submitted with a wink.
Put efforts to be happy,
Create ways to collect pearls of joy every day,
That’s all our purpose,
Everything else follows.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Heart's saga..

Suppressed feelings are patiently waiting,
Meek expectant heart's hope is hoping.
For the day,withered flowers will blossom again,
When the universe will schedule love rain.
Life without you will still be life,
Only difference: it will be a compromise.

Attitude is the key to the game called life!!

Attitude makes huge difference,
Impacts the way you live and relate things.
Failures turn to passing season,
Adaptation is all you need to learn.
Success and happiness unfold its meaning,
If right attitude within is beaming.

Monday, March 5, 2012

I am there for you….


It’s been 8 years since I know HIM. It was 2003 when I joined his college and placed my shaky faith on him. From then on I felt him guiding me every moment. I say it with full conviction that I started observing a divine force within me after getting into his fold. Not that I gave way to my belief on HIM without any doubt or question or resistance. But every roadblock to heart was knocked out when the mystique experiences left no option but to believe the OMNISCIENT MOTHER.

Let me narrate one such experience that washed all doubts dwelling my mind.

I was a bright student and was always in the bracket of 80+ scorers. Hence, never wondered it would happen to me. It was June 2006 and graduation results were out and guess what! I flung in one subject. It was a tough time for me. Never had I had a backlog in my academic history. Shame was killing me within. There was no peace of mind. I was home and in great distress. Parents too were upset. That night is still very clear in my memory screen. Father was out for his evening walk. My mother and I had a big argument over some small issue, after which she went out to market. I was alone feeling miserable cursing my fate and entertaining the notion that nobody on this earth understands me. I went to the altar and chided Swami for putting me in such trouble. After half an hour conversation, I finally spoke these words: “LEST YOU COME AND LET ME KNOW THAT YOU ARE THERE FOR ME BY THE END OF THE DAY, I WILL STOP BELIEVING YOU.” I knew what I said and was somewhat determined though my love for HIM ached some nerve of mine.

I got up presuming confidently that nothing would happen for I am no one and nobody special to get the LORD’S individual attention. I was standing near my bed when somebody tapped my left shoulder. I turned swiftly. The portion of the ground where my eyes fell, I saw a heap of cement colored powder. I was aghast!!! I tasted it to confirm what my mind and heart resisted believing. It was VIBHUTI.

You might have heard people talk of the 'miracles' ; of My 'making' this, and 'giving' that, of My fulfilling your wants, of My curing your illnesses. Of course I confer on you these boons of health and prosperity, but only so that you might, with greater enthusiasm and with less interruption, proceed with spiritual sadhna.
--Sathya Sai Baba

I was overwhelmed. HE responded to me. HE was hearing to me all the time, my blaming, ferocious, scolding, regretting and warning tone!! But HE replied to me very calmly with this experience pressing on my mind ”I am there for you.” I realized I have my LORD as closer to me as my shadow.

My affection and love for you is that of a thousand mothers.
-Sathya Sai Baba

Sathya Sai Baba is my inspiration, the-bliss-factor of my life, and the best friend one can have. I do not have the intellect to grasp who he is but I have recognized that he is someone whom I would love to have by my side in this life and further.
The divine mother’s love is omnipresent and encompassing this universe.

Whoever you are, you are Mine. I will not give you up. Wherever you are, you are near Me; you cannot go beyond My reach."
-Sathya SaiBaba

I am extremely grateful to have Swami in my life.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Love like something...

No I am not upset. I am all the more happy. I don’t know what has happened. But I am closer to my Lord today. I feel I understand life more than yesterday. I realize I understand Vivekananda’s philosophy of life more than yesterday. I admit I understand my mind more than yesterday.Dedicate this to you dear friend:

Like Fresh breeze u came,
Touched and healed a part of me.
Love flowed immensely and it was pure,
You took me closer to my lord I owe.

Am not sad, my faith went more deep,
Am happy for I felt the bliss.
You happened to me was just a blessing,
Stay closer or away we are allied.

Universe is an interconnected web,
You and I not separate.
we felt each others vibes,
that was the beauty of whole ride.

Now that we don’t communicate,
felt heart's bleeding pain.
but I choose to be brave,
And pray for HIS grace and float in faith.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Shake hands with time….

 Life is a frenetic race,
 Time moves on its irrevocable pace.
 The world is saturating with pretence,
 Harder it’s becoming to find soul-friends.
 People learn to fight,
 To live and survive.
 No one’s wrong.
 Everyone’s free to tune his life’s song.

Moving on is everyone’s need,
Difficult it is to maintain peace.
Midst these ups and lows,
Savouring satisfaction and blows,
A soul friend if you meet,
Put efforts to live fully.
Never you know, what’s the next plan,
Everything in your life has a span.

Someone closer than the shadow,
May vanish with times guideline.
Many more will come,
Some pain some fun.    
Variety, life demands.
Boredom otherwise overrule man.
Shake hands with time,      
Move on, on a journey divine.