Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Reasons of blogging

 A good friend asked a good question and this is in reply to that.
The question was simple.
"Why do you write bolgs? Why not dairy? Do you want to become famous?"

Why I blog?

1. I love to put down my thoughts into words.

2. It’s a good place where I feel safe to be myself.

3. I love to meet like minded people and Indivine is one such fantastic place.
. It’s a great feeling when you find someone who understands your heart beat and it's language.

4. I feel good to get my thoughts reviewed. I feel quite wonderful when someone connects to my feelings.

5. Ofcourse, it can become a source to alternate income once registered with Asense

6. My works are safe and I can access it anytime, anywhere.
Becoming famous is still not in my hit list. But perhaps when I become a good writer I may start wishing it:) There's no end to human desires and I am no exception.
Kudos to all bloggers:) I love being here sharing my feelings with you and hearing you.

God bless all.