Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Reasons of blogging

 A good friend asked a good question and this is in reply to that.
The question was simple.
"Why do you write bolgs? Why not dairy? Do you want to become famous?"

Why I blog?

1. I love to put down my thoughts into words.

2. It’s a good place where I feel safe to be myself.

3. I love to meet like minded people and Indivine is one such fantastic place.
. It’s a great feeling when you find someone who understands your heart beat and it's language.

4. I feel good to get my thoughts reviewed. I feel quite wonderful when someone connects to my feelings.

5. Ofcourse, it can become a source to alternate income once registered with Asense

6. My works are safe and I can access it anytime, anywhere.
Becoming famous is still not in my hit list. But perhaps when I become a good writer I may start wishing it:) There's no end to human desires and I am no exception.
Kudos to all bloggers:) I love being here sharing my feelings with you and hearing you.

God bless all.


  1. Great reasons, adding to your list ..you meet unlike people too, and everyone uses the same medium to reply i.e. writing, you keep thinking abt what to blog, better than face-book etc.

  2. @bhupendra: yeah thanks for adding to my list.valid and great reason. thanks:)

  3. Now we are in e-age and no body uses note book or diary to write.Blog is best alternative.

  4. blogging is fun as we get to interact with people who kindle the like passion for writing . . keep writing :)

  5. @ Shri Ram Ayyangar: absolutely correct:)

  6. @Maliny:correct!fun and learning both:)