Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Reasons of blogging

 A good friend asked a good question and this is in reply to that.
The question was simple.
"Why do you write bolgs? Why not dairy? Do you want to become famous?"

Why I blog?

1. I love to put down my thoughts into words.

2. It’s a good place where I feel safe to be myself.

3. I love to meet like minded people and Indivine is one such fantastic place.
. It’s a great feeling when you find someone who understands your heart beat and it's language.

4. I feel good to get my thoughts reviewed. I feel quite wonderful when someone connects to my feelings.

5. Ofcourse, it can become a source to alternate income once registered with Asense

6. My works are safe and I can access it anytime, anywhere.
Becoming famous is still not in my hit list. But perhaps when I become a good writer I may start wishing it:) There's no end to human desires and I am no exception.
Kudos to all bloggers:) I love being here sharing my feelings with you and hearing you.

God bless all.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Love, Money & Power- A Trance!!!

We all live in some or the other kind of dream, be it a dream to earn more money, gain power, settle with the love of one’s life, living with the pride of fame, pursuit of truth and lots more…

Either the fulfillment or a slap on the face replaces one dream with the other :) .
But we still dare to dream.

What happens when one stops indulging in some or the other kind of trance?
It’s not a very good feeling though to be without any desires unless one knows how to handle it.
Not everyone can digest such an attitude toward life and life seems to be a crazy and wretched.

Are aspirations essential in life?

Life is quite simple but jingoistic attachment with success leading to intolerance to failure may manifest undesirable complications. Failures are necessary part of life. They initiate the self interrogation process triggering the connection with self, awareness of passion, alignment with the reality, action plan and fulfillment
of desires.

Hence, aspire and move on. Success or failure is not the dead end. There’s lot more to explore in this vast universe. This cosmos is full of illusions and mystic truths.

So, happy dreaming!!!!!

Friday, November 18, 2011


Khoobsoorat ehsaas ye dil ki kitab ban gayi ,
Aankhon ke sheeshey me ek kwaab bas gayi,
Ye fizayen mere man ki Jubaan ban gayi ,
Tum mere saanson ki khushboo ban gayi .

Is pal ko khud mein yun samet lun,
Har pal tere ehsaas mein jiyun,
Kitne pyaar se banaya hoga us rab ne,
Banaker khud par garv kiya hoga usne.

Tum se milkar khud se mil jaati hun,
Tumhe jaan kar kar khud ko perchanti hun,
Aur koi ehsaas itna pyara nahin,
Tujh sa mera koi saathi nahin.

Us kalakar ko salaam,

O Pakriti! Tu hai Rab ke Khushi ka paigaam!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Life and inner strife!!!

How to live a meaningful life?

Is there anyone who can precisely describe?

Oh! It’s been quite few years,

But my quest still unanswered.

When I think of life,

A mystic fear creeps inside

Who am I,

What for, am I supposed to strive?

Is there a definition to clarify,

What is wrong and right?

I love to enjoy but emptiness within cries

Yes I realize,

Someone divine is flowing inside.

I am craving for the path

Where satisfaction and soul reunite.

I wish that Lord bless all,

 with peace, contentment and bliss tall.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Key to a happy and blissful life

Everybody wants to be motivated, feel good and enthusiastic about life. Here are few simple tips that
helps to be on the peak of enthusiasm, peace and bliss.

1. Live like a kid @ home and Professional @ workplace.

Nurture the innocence and liveliness of the kid in you. So you don’t lose yourself with the frenetic pace of life. At work display the maturity you have acquired through your education and experience and take your career and organization to peak. This way you balance both the needs of your self.

2. Break the rules sometimes on things your heart compromise on.

To break the monotony of your life and push in some fun, go out of way and break some rules that can be compromised with and enjoy the moments fully that you created. Let craziness sometimes dawn on you.

3. Be and have at least one good friend with whom you share your feelings exactly the way you feel.

One of the popular songs of the age“ har ek friend jaroori hota hai” , have made us realize the importance of all beautiful friends around us. But remember to pick at least with whom you can share anything with great ease. This simplifies the life to a great extent making life much easier and happier.

4. Be close to your family.

Stay close to family. They are the most comfortable realm of your world. Give enough time to them. Love them and care for them. They are the ones who will always be there in your times of need without any expectation.

5. Visit yourself by spending some time on your interests.

You are the unique masterpieces on this earth full of the divine maser pieces. Enjoy your uniqueness and the finishing that lord gave to your character. Respect, love and nurture the natural gifts of talent that you are blessed with. Enjoy it by spending some time on it.

6. Learn to share happiness, success and money.

Sharing multiplies the happiness and alleviates the pain. Success will be more resonating when it is a shared one. Money is for life and life not for money, so share your excess amount with the unfortunate ones to resonate joy everywhere.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Craving to be…


Beautiful was my world,

When I opened my eyes,

Wonderful was my childhood,

For I was pretty bright,

There was no dream,

For I lived fully .

As I grew,

I became confused,

What to do,

What not to do.

Decisions not taken in time,

Shadowed my career plans,

Where I am today, I don’t want to be,

Dark clouds and clouds wherever I see.

Waiting for the season to change,

Craving for heavy rains,

Don’t regret for what I lost,

Humbly respect what I got,

Just want to live my vision,

Using all the life’s lessons.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Who was at Fault!!!

The world is buzzing around,

With work load full-on,

And, I am floating in the flashback,

Feeling the heaviness of nostalgic heart,

With this book in hand,

I could relate things back in time,

Through “Those small lil things in life and love”,

I peeped in my childhood world,

Love was unknown feeling then,

Life was wonderful with a lil fren,

Life was intoxicated with happiness,

Saturated with fun and madness,

I miss you dear,

For I never found someone so near,

Those crazy talks,

Inexplicable endless laughs,

Classroom’s fun,

Those fights and recess runs,

But, today I realize feelings have slipped,

In unknown darkness it has tripped,

We have lost each other,

Who was at fault!! I still wonder.

Monday, August 15, 2011

A random analysis of self..

Dear Soul,
It’s been quite few months when again you have immersed yourself in some kind of dream. On analyzing your life till date I find that you have draped yourself with one or the other kind of fanciful dreams which most of the time has proved harmful to you.
Once again you are in the same situation. Yeah Ok, I accept that I am in love. And the intensity of feelings is severe this time. I feel the pain. Will this pain alleviate if I find someone genuine for whom my heart feels the inclination. Why exactly do I feel for ******. Obviously, not coz of his looks!
Perhaps, coz of his innocence and good heart. But he is not mature and poised and does not have the behavioral finishing which you always wanted in your life partner. Then y do you feel inclined towards him?
Coz, you imagined him as your soul mate and coz that place is still empty and you miss someone. And in the process of missing someone you remember him. Unless that vacant position gets occupied by someone, you would miss him. Nature always fills the gap. So be patient. A child misses his lost bicycle only till the moment it gets replaced by a new one. Its nature’s law and it’s quite natural. Life is all about meeting new situations and new people in life so that we can learn and unlearn and learn new things again for our betterment.
Life is good and kind. So honor all people and situations in your life and tackle everything with patience and faith for at the end you will know that everything was for your good.