Thursday, September 22, 2011

Key to a happy and blissful life

Everybody wants to be motivated, feel good and enthusiastic about life. Here are few simple tips that
helps to be on the peak of enthusiasm, peace and bliss.

1. Live like a kid @ home and Professional @ workplace.

Nurture the innocence and liveliness of the kid in you. So you don’t lose yourself with the frenetic pace of life. At work display the maturity you have acquired through your education and experience and take your career and organization to peak. This way you balance both the needs of your self.

2. Break the rules sometimes on things your heart compromise on.

To break the monotony of your life and push in some fun, go out of way and break some rules that can be compromised with and enjoy the moments fully that you created. Let craziness sometimes dawn on you.

3. Be and have at least one good friend with whom you share your feelings exactly the way you feel.

One of the popular songs of the age“ har ek friend jaroori hota hai” , have made us realize the importance of all beautiful friends around us. But remember to pick at least with whom you can share anything with great ease. This simplifies the life to a great extent making life much easier and happier.

4. Be close to your family.

Stay close to family. They are the most comfortable realm of your world. Give enough time to them. Love them and care for them. They are the ones who will always be there in your times of need without any expectation.

5. Visit yourself by spending some time on your interests.

You are the unique masterpieces on this earth full of the divine maser pieces. Enjoy your uniqueness and the finishing that lord gave to your character. Respect, love and nurture the natural gifts of talent that you are blessed with. Enjoy it by spending some time on it.

6. Learn to share happiness, success and money.

Sharing multiplies the happiness and alleviates the pain. Success will be more resonating when it is a shared one. Money is for life and life not for money, so share your excess amount with the unfortunate ones to resonate joy everywhere.


  1. Simple but effective. I take it that they have been formulated and compiled by you? :)

  2. yes it is what I understood from life.