Monday, August 15, 2011

A random analysis of self..

Dear Soul,
It’s been quite few months when again you have immersed yourself in some kind of dream. On analyzing your life till date I find that you have draped yourself with one or the other kind of fanciful dreams which most of the time has proved harmful to you.
Once again you are in the same situation. Yeah Ok, I accept that I am in love. And the intensity of feelings is severe this time. I feel the pain. Will this pain alleviate if I find someone genuine for whom my heart feels the inclination. Why exactly do I feel for ******. Obviously, not coz of his looks!
Perhaps, coz of his innocence and good heart. But he is not mature and poised and does not have the behavioral finishing which you always wanted in your life partner. Then y do you feel inclined towards him?
Coz, you imagined him as your soul mate and coz that place is still empty and you miss someone. And in the process of missing someone you remember him. Unless that vacant position gets occupied by someone, you would miss him. Nature always fills the gap. So be patient. A child misses his lost bicycle only till the moment it gets replaced by a new one. Its nature’s law and it’s quite natural. Life is all about meeting new situations and new people in life so that we can learn and unlearn and learn new things again for our betterment.
Life is good and kind. So honor all people and situations in your life and tackle everything with patience and faith for at the end you will know that everything was for your good.

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