Thursday, March 1, 2012

Love like something...

No I am not upset. I am all the more happy. I don’t know what has happened. But I am closer to my Lord today. I feel I understand life more than yesterday. I realize I understand Vivekananda’s philosophy of life more than yesterday. I admit I understand my mind more than yesterday.Dedicate this to you dear friend:

Like Fresh breeze u came,
Touched and healed a part of me.
Love flowed immensely and it was pure,
You took me closer to my lord I owe.

Am not sad, my faith went more deep,
Am happy for I felt the bliss.
You happened to me was just a blessing,
Stay closer or away we are allied.

Universe is an interconnected web,
You and I not separate.
we felt each others vibes,
that was the beauty of whole ride.

Now that we don’t communicate,
felt heart's bleeding pain.
but I choose to be brave,
And pray for HIS grace and float in faith.


  1. It better to have loved and lost(not forever) than to have not loved at all..
    Very touching.

    1. yes Farila. Love takes one more closer to reality.thanks for your comment.:)