Thursday, July 19, 2012

Happiness locus

I searched and searched,

With great desperation to my lord I urged,

"What am I supposed to do here,

Exam of Life how to clear"?

Happiness is the goal I learnt,

But ‘How’ is the question.

Help others and shower happiness,

All I thought was the run.

Tried, but failed.

Slowly the helping nature too derailed.

Then I learnt happiness locus is within,

Finding it outside is a whim.

Live a fulfilled life you want,

Then help with complete devout.

Life will be a beautiful raga,

Fulfilled and satisfied saga.


  1. wow..beautiful wrote Rekhaji :)

  2. Locus of happiness lies within all of us but most of the times we are unable to reach it. Very meaningful poem and beautifully written too...:)

    1. Thanks Saru. yes most us know this truth yet we get lured by thousands of mirage that blurr our vision. tc