Monday, August 20, 2012

Soak no more pain, go win the game

Scene in Heaven:

God conversing with the Soul:
I had faith, you would come to heaven
exclaiming ‘Game Life, Yes I won’
Soul said “I tried doing justice to the run,
More powerful than me had the winning gun”.

God said with a sad grin:
O child! The trigger was always within.
You sprinted loosing the insight,
I tried reminding you of your plight,
Busy you were with the pain, & missed bliss terrain.

Soul regretted with a sigh:
” Oh why I did not look inside!
Always lived with that void!
I wasted a life time,
Searching for something that was always mine.”

“Busy I was with pain,
Toiled hard for more of it to rain,
What a fool I was!
What was my gain!
Am I fulfilled after leaving earthly regime?”

God said, go back & come fulfilled,
Soak no more pain, go win Life’s game.

I woke up still dreaming!

I looked at the time. The clock just then ticked five. The words echoed & resonated louder and harder “Soak no more pain, go win Life’s game”. More words were building on it. It was clearly audible as if someone was talking to me. But everyone around was deep in slumber. The words seemed to be heavily loaded with wisdom. I decided to close my eyes and listen further.


Survival of the fittest is the game,
Live & all the more live, whatever the situations frame,
Flexibility & robustness of character is the winning edge,
‘I will live a fulfilled life’ each one of you should pledge.

Elude the trap that leads to virtual death,
Let the soul survive in its full breadth,
Leave the comfort zone of pain,
Stop getting used to living in vain.

Your past may be a catch,
Your present may be entrap,
Be strong not to ruin what is left,
Rise and walk with happiness abreast.

Dive in inner happiness,                                                                                 
Feel the freshness.
Get goose bumps of craziness,
Shake the foundation of weariness.

Bliss is inbuilt,
Get connected & feel it.
Pain is Universal,
Let go, it’s natural.

Many roads still are undiscovered,
More chapters are to be covered,
Move on, don’t get stuck.
Seasons change, on the next stop meet good-luck.

Divine love is always around,
With Pain and Joy do not get bound,
Feel convinced of Lord’s perfect plan.
Positivity matters, O powerful Man!
Soak no more pain, live &win the game.


My head was reeling. I got up and had a hot cup of tea with words still buzzing loud “Soak no more pain, live & win the game”…..

P.S.: This post is a work created for the Soak No More Contest by SurfExcelMatic on


  1. Loved the title, Rekha. Some wonderful lines there especially this one
    "Pain is Universal,
    Let go, it’s natural"
    and God conversing with Soul, that was great..:) All the Best for the contest..Cheers..:)

  2. This one is really special. Liked the way, you started it. All the best :)