Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Banged my head hard for a lesson for life!!!


Hello readers!

I just hit love pole and banged my head hard!!! Well, the story was a big flop show. But got a lesson for life! Love is an art! A balance of beauty and spirituality!

Beauty of personality (effect of heart) and head of spirituality! Once the imbalance forces its way, love life starts to totter.

Love is an innocent feeling which should be dealt with mature moves.

If head and heart doesn’t work in Unison, you have good chance to dive in the pool of pain leading to some abnormal sting of heart ache.

When you are in love you should be ready for the uncertainty ahead. Understanding each other’s need depending on the each other’s upbringing is a task.

Craziness dawns on you and life seems out of control. But control your feelings for love is a need of life like earning livelihood is, like need to be connected to yourself and lord is, like being your true-self is, like having pride in who you are is and etc. You should feel comfortable when you are in relationship. Pretending and throwing yourself completely at the service of other partner does not work. There is not only one need but many needs we human have. There is no ‘or’ but ‘and’ when it comes to needs. So, love moves have to be mature considering all ‘and’ needs of both the partners.

Of course, we should not think of all this while falling in love with someone but one should be clear and make it clear to the partner of the fair needs of each other and maintain a good balance between the relating hearts and heads to put the foundation of a new beginning.

Good luck and Take care!

With love,
Your well wisher.

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  1. Love is a complex feeling and it needs serious application in this murkier world. Very well said :)