Thursday, January 16, 2014

Looser to fighter- A inner journey

Broken self, low esteem, no enthusiasm for life’s journey,

All in all shattered feathers, with no will to fly,

Lost & cold on an unknown road,

Lifeless eyes look up for someone’s support,

No way to go, no shoulder to repose,

The battle is lost every breath shrieks.

Young body and aging soul,

Rest of the eons scares the core,

Ending life is no solution,

Fighting back is the only medication,

Lifeless to life…if want this transition,

Cross the barrier of negativism.

Will and strength of mind is your arm,

The fighter in you will win, have faith.

Life is precious, come on bounce back.

It’s important you live all the moment you have!

Note:Dedicated to all who fought tough times and emerged gloriously!!!

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